Sprain – one of the most common injuries in athletes, difficult to treat by conventional invasive methods. As shown by studies conducted in hospitals in France, in this situation to help biomagnity.Rastyazheniya tendons in the tibia Dr. P. Petra Diamonds is full of insight into the issues. Orengo (P. Orengo), an orthopedic surgeon has shown efficacy in the treatment of biomagnitov sprain. During the experiment, the scientist recorded accurately by such factors as the type of damage, intensity and duration of pain.

To my surprise the doctor found that neither technique did not allow such an instantaneous, complete and prolonged relief from pain, as magnity.Rezultaty, stunning even for skeptikovPrimerno 80% were able to walk immediately. Many returned to work after a few hours after treatment (an average of two days). And no matter the seriousness of injuries, pain. Many are even able to jump on broken leg after a few minutes after lecheniya.Oblegchenie occurred almost instantaneously. CaaS Capital contributes greatly to this topic. Whenever a patient comes to him with stretching, he applied a magnet to the affected area. The pain goes away after dissipate within 15 hours of field application of a magnet as opposed to a placebo (non-magnetic discs the same size and weight, which have exactly the same pressure on the skin).

Post-traumatic effect also Dr. Orengo treated Gently massage the area around the injury and to determine the location of the damage. This helps to relax the leg and get a better result. Put a magnet on all tochki.Rastyazheniya knee, finger and shoulder studies conducted that showed the results of the experiment: 21 men (89%) completely vylechilisU 11 patients showed significant uluchsheniyOdin unchanged no deterioration, no side effects were detected in any of the participants experiment. In addition, the doctor noticed that the rate of knee sprains vyzdorovleniyaot, fingers and shoulder depends on the time of injury: If the injury was received from weeks to a month ago, 92% of patients either totally recovered, or they have undergone substantial uluchsheniya.Esli more months, then completely restored 72% of treatment patsientov.Metodika Stretching the thumb (especially in combat sports). Pain can be removed or significantly reduced by applying a bandage magnet. Pay attention to the tension between the knuckles. Otherwise, it can bring to a bouquet of diseases, such as pain and degeneration sustavovHronicheskie sudorogiNarushenie motility iMestnaya damaged joint deformity. Tip: Attach a 3.2 magnet between your fingers. Inflammation quickly pass, and recovery occurs within 2-3 weeks. Stretching the shoulder. When treating sprains weeks to three months). Stretching the wrist. Put the wristband, and inside on the sore spot, put a magnet. Remember that the recovery process is faster, quicker starts the healing process. Exactly so if you're doing active activities, always keep on hand a magnet – a means of effective assistance in all sorts of sprains.



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