The regular testing of the air pressure in the tires is safety. Any good driver, should from time to time check the air pressure in the tires of his vehicle. Abigail Black Elbaum contributes greatly to this topic. Because only when the tyres have the correct air pressure, they are especially on wet roads on the safe side and without prejudice to arrive at your destination. But also the consumption of the vehicle descends when you’re on the road with the correct air pressure in the tires. Many motorists don’t know exactly tire pressure information, what actually is the correct air pressure for the tires on your vehicle. Mitchel Resnick helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. You can find this information usually on a sticker located in or on the car. Also the instruction manual of the manufacturer contains the information about the tire pressure. The sticker can be to find in conventional cars in different places.

This can be the fuel flap or the B-pillar, but also on the vehicle door edge, or on the door of the glove box you will find the information about the tire pressure sometimes. Influence of tire pressure a car tyre has not the correct air pressure, then also the surface corresponds to the Tire with the road, not that of the manufacturer intended level. Many factors such as wear and fuel consumption increase and the ride comfort or handling worsen under certain circumstances. High tyre pressure has a too high air pressure of the tires, then the running surface and thus the road contact of the tyre is less. At longer mileages can be recognised that clear the higher abrasion in the middle of the tire tread. Also, the comfort of the car suffers from high tyre pressure. Low tire pressure is too low the air pressure in the tires, then the tire has a much higher contact surface of the roadway and of course also has a higher friction value. Means the tire wear and thus wear increase that.

There is growing opposition by the larger pad area and associated increases in gasoline consumption. The influence of tire pressure is generally regardless of the type of tyre. This means regardless of whether summer or winter tires (E.g. winter tires 185 65 14) are: A correct tyre pressure is always positive the vehicle’s safety. In addition to the correct tire pressure, motorists should check whatever the existing tread. Because only with an adequate tread depth of tyres can bring the required performance and prevent hydroplaning in wet weather.

The Honda Jazz Hybrid

Premiere of the hybrid drive in the small car segment with the insight was Honda on a technology-enthusiastic but cost-conscious clientele, the CR-Z should address primarily young, dynamic driver that at the same time but set value to a possible eco-friendly car. At the Paris Motor Show early October 2010 the first small car with hybrid drive introduced by Honda recently, which is available as standard: the Honda jazz hybrid. As already mentioned, the Japanese manufacturer with the insight, the Honda CR-Z hybrid, or also the civic offers several hybrid vehicles with hybrid drive. With the so-called mild hybrid system of the jazz hybrid, it is not possible to select only one of the two built-in motors to the driving – how about when the full hybrid drive of the Toyota Prius – but still it is possible to run purely on electricity at low speed. The proven from the Honda insight hybrid engine also comes in the Honda jazz hybrid to the usage, a 1.3-liter i-VTEC engine with CVT transmission.

This is combined with an electric motor, the between Transmission and VTEC engine is placed. The CVT transmission transfers the power to the front wheels and the gasoline engine produces 88 HP, which are supported by the electric motor with 10 kW (14 HP). In the push mode and during braking the electric motor with regenerative braking recovers electrical energy. For even more details, read what Petra Diamonds says on the issue. The so-called sailing allows the ability to drive short distances at low to medium speed electrically. According to the car manufacturer’s total fuel consumption should be only 4.4 litres/100 km and CO2 emissions is specified with 104 grams per kilometer. Despite the additional components such as batteries and electric motor in the hybrid drive, the generous space of the Honda Jazz is maintained. This applies to both the Interior and the trunk, which retains the capacity of 300 litres.

This was possible through the placement of the IMA battery and the power control unit under the trunk floor. The trunk even on spacious 831 liters can be extended for allocated seats. Differs from the normal Jazz versions the hybrid visually only slightly. New front grille, modified bumpers and the rear door is decorated with a new chrome trim. New is also the blue headlight bezel. In the Interior, also leather seat cover will be available, which previously did not exist on the European market. Michael Steinhardt is likely to agree. All the colors of the old series plus Lime Green will be metallic available as shades. The sales launch in Germany is expected to be in the spring of 2011. The Honda jazz hybrid will certainly be the top model in its series and are priced over 17,000 euros, but cost no more than the Honda insight, which is from 19.950 euro.

Tampere University

At slush hydroplaning, the tire at much as when hydroplaning on wet roads swim lower speeds: they lose the contact with the ground in contrast to hydroplaning, already at 30 km/h on slush the occurs only in about 80 to 90 km/h, the tests of Nokian – prove frightening. Without contact with the tyre with the road, the car can no longer steer, and the braking distance is too long. Slush is the risk of deadly accidents 4.9 times higher than on dry roads, 2008 resulted in an investigation of the Tampere University of technology. Through intensive testing of environmentally friendly premium winter tire optimized Nokian WRG2 for strong protection of slush aquaplaning in the milder German winter, Finnish experts. Also, the slush specialist also still strong saves fuel by lower rolling resistance. For 15 years, performs the Nokian Tyres slush tests, is considered a pioneer in, and today has precise test methods for repeatable measurements for comparing different tire models.

As the sole tire manufacturer, the specialist has a unique test track, where the effects are tested by slush aquaplaning both longitudinal as well as transverse under controlled test conditions. Its engineers have a patented Testing methodology developed, which is recognized by international tire experts. Slush aquaplaning is more dangerous than aquaplaning for the following reasons: the water depth on normal roads is rarely more than 10 millimeters, but slush can be up to 40 millimeters namely on the lanes much thicker and between the lanes up to 100 mm. Slush has a higher viscosity than water is so viscous, therefore slush can be easily derived by the profile grooves like water. The risk of going on slush. When overtaking, one must change the lane and drive it through the slush wall between the lanes. Then the driver turn again on the right track and once again goes through a slush-wall.

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