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In early October, in Moscow in Expocentre, an exhibition and conference on Training and Development Trainings expo 2008". Market for 9 years is a place for sharing experiences, learning and expanding the network professional contacts. As a rule, exponent – is training and consulting company in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the participants – HR-managers, business coaches and consultants, training centers, managers corporate universities, directors of training companies large cities of Russia and all those who are in contact in their profession with training and development. Exhibition of works in several formats: master classes, demonstrations, mini-lectures, round tables, presentations, conference.

Indeed, there are professionals meet to find out what's new on the market of training and development, to discuss working problem, ask questions to experts and simply to meet colleagues who have not seen, to share successes and new beginnings. At this year's Trainings expo organized a round table discussion: "Education and development: trends in the region." The event attracted over 20 participants from the Russian and Ukrainian cities: Saint Petersburg, Samara, Togliatti, Omsk, Novosibirsk, -Mansiysk, Kiev. Samara was represented by the Alpha Center, which organizes corporate business training in our city. Trends in staff development in St. Petersburg and Moscow go "hand in hand, in the same regions are lagging behind by 1-3 years. It is safe to say that the direction of development in the regions close. Distinguish the main ones: 1.

Further development of the market for corporate learning and extinction of the market open programs. Frankly, the market is open learning directly in Samara not experienced stage rapid growth. There are my reasons: middle and line management is not willing to invest in its development personal finance, and the tops are trained in the capital or abroad, acquiring knowledge, and new business contacts. In an open format, largely remain the program of personal growth. 2. The emergence of system in organizing training for medium and large enterprises. Education staff have become more organized is not a point and short-term and integrated and coordinated with the overall strategy of the company. This approach to training also contributes to the solution to the issue of career planning and motivation: "I teach here – I'm valuable to the company. My cost increases as a professional. I know how to develop my career after training. " 3. Building a program cadre. One of the reasons – this demographic well, economically advantageous to prepare change within the company, given the specificity of how industry and the company itself. Otherwise it may miss profit in the period of search and adaptation of new employees, especially if the candidates for leadership positions. 4. High demands imposed on the level of training of teachers, business trainers, consultants. The reason is clear: doing business in Russia is growing rapidly and they need the same level of development of the people involved in the processes development. To educate and impart knowledge, technology, skills, coaches and consultants themselves need to be several steps ahead. These trends suggest that the market for training and development continues to grow, the number of requests for systematic training of staff increases, increased demands to the results of training activities, there are clear criteria for selecting providers.



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