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Not to mention that this speed and constant transformation requires companies to remain in the permanent questioning whether I'm doing the right thing. It is significant to emphasize, before continuing, that evoked "knowledge era", not the result or effect of computers and data processing, but what this has triggered the Internet as more important business channel (call it e-commerce) or professional development in general as well as the emergence of new sectors such as biotechnology, bioinformatics, among others. Add Exposito, it is undeniable that technology, for many, represents a security threat, which causes discomfort and fear, which translates as "technological anxiety." But despite all that, there are many voices that have highlighted that currently makes little sense to raise the issue of new technologies in the world of work in terms of rejection or acceptance, or those of convenience or inconvenience, because is a proven fact that for the survival of enterprises in the competitive world is a basic implementation of these technologies. This means that, in these times, we must be successful with technology and not despite it. 1 – Impact on the job and performance: There have been affected the activities and tasks performed within the organization (requires, among other things, greater flexibility), thereby changing jobs (more autonomy, level of challenge, etc). Thus, the abilities and skills, ie, the skills required for these jobs will not be the same, to the physical environment of work is affected, for better, for those changes. On the other hand there are new ways of working, such as "telework." Obviously these changes lead to increased productivity gained by the worker.



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