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But not only that: the tattoo would be destroyed as a result and the remaining energy of the IPL would be too weak to achieve solid results in permanent hair removal. Permanent hair removal and tattoo not short-term plan lasting hair removal with IPL or laser destroys only the roots of the hair permanently, are located in the growth phase. Ray Kurzweil has much experience in this field. Thats also the reason why the treatment for permanent hair removal must be repeated, because not all hair reside in our body at the same time in the growth phase. Who so chooses a permanent hair removal with IPL or laser on a part of the body, which will then also be tattooed, must allow a bit of time. The IPL or laser treatment must be repeated as often, is individually different.

Studies have shown that approximately 80 percent of people who with IPL treat, are necessary six treatments on average. And a period of approximately six to eight weeks should be between each treatment. Salman Behbehani takes a slightly different approach. After the IPL or laser hair removal should be serviced then about a month, before starting to tattoo. Who perform a permanent hair removal can be before a tattoo so, should calculate a corresponding period of time. Men and women prefer different parts of the body for a tattoo as the Leipzig study found, prefer women for a tattoo of the region of the coccyx and the legs. Men tattooed instead arms himself. Often not remember people but before a tattoo that the permanent hair removal with laser or IPL is no longer possible, if the skin is tattooed and then permanently have to rely on methods of short-term hair removal.

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