The Direction

We are therefore currently to solve us line by our backup and can at least temporarily hilfreichen illusion of good and evil ‘ turn back as apostates, to continue to move us in the direction of freedom. In other words, good and evil ‘ does not exist and never really existed, except as a means to an end, as a necessary component of dual conditions as temporary inventory. You may wish to learn more. If so, keni washington is the place to go. The only thing that exists is the absolute freedom of choice and of course the consequences that arise, but involved the freedom itself only temporarily and on our perception of beeintrachtigen, but not really in fundamental Ways. That is, even to the God, the creative industry, to meet the last instance that is inherent in us, we have to this restrictive and the image of the existence of good and evil but also so far us leader ‘ say goodbye and let go. Certainly, most people in this world are not yet ready to deal with this infinite freedom, so you’d better stick to rules and laws, thus stability to learn and maintain. What also long time Earth was the actual purpose of this ausserlich supporting leadership and thus also considering the obviously existing need of still a certain legitimacy and authority is based. Nevertheless we arrived seen at a turning point now, at least in my opinion in terms of the Grosseren and comprehensive schedule of world history, where these flows to be our spiritual evolution in the direction of self-knowledge in remembering back, God himself. And since we’re our God being only in absolute freedom and detachment can deal with is it obvious that a quantum leap in the direction of consistent and holistic approaches is needed. In this sense any experience is as valuable and maybe even essential for the Bewusstwerdungs an enrichment process, which keeps us accurately and in a sense inevitably in this even leading to us orbit and which will ensure that we move to the unit by means of our darueber hinauswachsens about dual evaluation systems.



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