The Information

The Information understands any content that can be stored or be transferred in some way, serving the determined intention and being of used for the human being, is everything what it allows the acquisition of knowledge. In this direction, the digital information is one of main, or the most important one, product of the present time, being able to be manipulated and to be visualized of diverse forms. Thus, to the measure that circulates for the most varied surrounding, covering diverse places, it chore, modified and/or extinguished can be stored for the varied ends, making possible to be. The first measure to hinder the emptying of information is to leave the collaborator, or professional, to the side of the company or institution, that is, preventing the human risk that is the main impediment found in the System of the Information. 1 SECURITY OF THE INFORMATION: ON THE NECESSITY OF PROTECTION OF SYSTEMS OF INFORMATION the technology evolved in its capacity of storage of information, what it makes possible to all an access each bigger time.

Therefore, the computer, this complex machine disponibiliza the magnifying of the knowledge in virtue of some forms of use and purposes. It is important to stand out that its complete use implies in its structural and historical knowledge, what facilitates the understanding of its complexity, valuing and respecting its development. The use of this tool assists in the production of important information, which secrecy and security guard need, objectifying the correct use of the acquired content. From the affirmation of the technology of the information in the world, it has a necessity to offer has supported to the contribution of multiple organizations and communities that many times have uncommon interests. The control of the access to the information is a basic requirement in the current systems.



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