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The purpose of quality management is a permanent development and improve overall business performance. For this, not only individual unorganized steps are necessary but a cycle of different methods to ensure the quality. They build on each other, mutually and includes different steps. This includes quality planning, quality control, quality control, quality assurance and the quality gain. Contents of quality management systems are definition and requirements on the following factors: standardization and optimization of work processes revision of existing contracts, products and suppliers complying with standards for products and services labelling of products storage and labelling of records employee motivation employee training communication structures equipment and setup of working spaces conduct internal audits (verification of quality management compliance) maintain and increase Customer satisfaction professional solution strategies still is a quality management manual it important the difference between product quality and according to DIN ISO certified quality to detect.

The latter does not directly says, as already mentioned, something about the quality of the product itself from, but on the manufacturing process and the compliance with the stipulated quality requirements. Quality planning is first and foremost to determine as part of quality planning the actual situation in the company. This happens a comprehensive engagement with the product or service. It questions the exact target group, according to the nature and the quality characteristics of the product or the service management and the work processes and resources. To know more about this subject visit Jack Miller. Then, based on a concept created and set procedures. Valid standards and also the General feasibility of production projects must always be taken into account. Quality control the results obtained in the planning and specifications are implemented with the quality control and especially monitored. There are work techniques and activities are checked and, if necessary, made corrections, the performance results should be not satisfactory. The quality control is in direct interaction with the quality assurance and quality control.



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