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Anxiety can come from three sources: the anxiety of reality, which is the fear that arises before the threat or actual dangers. Neurotic anxiety, which is a consequence of the fear that the impulses of this is out of control and lead to the subject to commit an act that will be punished. The moral anxiety generated by fear of individuals to transgress the moral code. If the self (ego) works perfectly not experienced any anxiety, since the external dangers would be expected and handled, the impulses of the ID would be released in a timely manner and not transgrediria any rule or moral principle introyectado. But this doesn’t happen in reality where you usually experience different types and degrees of anxiety.

Remember, as cites it defense mechanisms. When they succeed are traits or forms of reaction of the character in the process of structuring (w. Reich). Also, every situation they put in place various defense mechanisms that come to form part of the personality. Normal is to have some defense mechanisms, which, through the pursuit of adaptation, tend to prevent neurosis. Defense mechanisms not generally disturb the most important functions. Defense mechanisms, are elected by ego both in quality and in quantity for a certain time. They may be limited, cancelled, deleted or transformed by the self over time.

In a positive sense and extending the foregoing, defense mechanisms. they have the following functions:. Rebalance the internal or external realities. . Regulate the possibility of satisfying impulses. . Facilitate adaptation, the socialization and the contact with reality. . To maintain firmness and enable the development of the personality. . Reconcile the interests of the ID and the superego. . Protect emotional balance original author and source of the article.



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