The Multiple Applications Of Laser

Laser: a solution waiting for a problem. No one knew that the laser would be used when it was discovered. A solution waiting for a problem, is the famous phrase from the early days of the laser. Sometimes spends some time before the discovery can be used in a tangible way. Yes, 30 or more years could pass before someone will realize that a discovery is really important.

Today, the laser is used in several areas such as research, communication, industry, medicine, and environmental care. Industrial applications of laser, the laser can be found in a wide range of applications in the industry, which can be used for things like aim and measure. In the manufacturing industry, the laser is used to measure the curvature on the ball bearings, observing the dispersion of the laser beam when reflected in the ball. Another example is to measure the shadow of a band of steel with the help of a light laser to determine the thickness of the band. In the the pulp industry can measure the concentration of bleach is measured observing as the laser beam is reflected in it. The laser also functions as a spirit level and can be used to indicate a surface flat simply sweeping the surface with the laser beam.

This is used, for example, when built walls in a work. In the mining industry, the laser is used to indicate the direction of drilling. Environmental applications laser technologies have also been used in environmental areas. An example is the ability to determine distance in a column of smoke environmental toxins. Other examples include being able to predict and measure the existence of smoke photochemical and ozone, both ground where do not want you and in the high layers of the atmosphere where if necessary. The laser is also used to monitor fecal waters purification. Laser communications works as light source in all optical fibers that are used today. It has a (potentially greater bandwidth 100,000 times greater) than a typical copper wire. It is insensitive to interference from external magnetic and electric fields. The intersection of lines (hear the phone call from someone else) happens rarely. Optical fiber is used increasingly in telecommunications and transportation of data around the world. Research laser has become one of the most important tools for researchers in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine to the length and breadth of the world, and is used to:-register fast ultra chemical processes such as the union of atoms to form molecules; -study the process of cells dividing or in the entry of virus into a cell; -transfer as much energy as possible to different materials in a short time to obtain different types of emissions. The full meaning of this research will not find your response today but will be in the future. Medicine laser is used in medicine to improve precision as the surgery works. Surgery brain is an example of surgery of precision which requires the surgeon to reach an area determined accurately. To ensure this, lasers are used to measure and aim at the area in question. Brands of birth, warts, and skin discolorations can be easily removed with an unfocused laser. Applications in the field of optics and ophthalmology are also known. Operations are faster and heal rapidly and, best of all, are less painful than ordinary surgery performed with a scalpel.



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