The New Sky And The New Land

The new sky and the new New land sky and the new land All we are curious in knowing as it will be the new land and the new sky promised by God. Futurist might disagree with that approach. Which was described of form appeared for apostolo Joo. vi a new sky, and a new land. Because already the first sky and the first land had passed, and the sea already does not exist. Apocalypse 21:1 apostolo saw in this vision a demonstration of God on the new sky and the new land. It saw the saint city the new Jerusalem. Yes the new Jerusalem because the first Jerusalem of this land, after the millenium will not exist more, Jesus after fulfills to its promise for Israel of being head of the nations and the millenium and the final judgment, God will inaugurate the new things who promised to create. The millenium will be a world-wide demonstration of the kingdom of Jesus, but It will prevail with iron pole, that is the disobedience will not be tolerated in the millenium and so that the human being does not have excuse stops for the guilt beyond that it has this relating – the Satan, will arrest it to God per a thousand years and tempting of all the land will not be able to try the human being in this period, in the case the inhabitants who had been chosen in the judgment of the nations and its descendants, these chosen had not adored the crossbow and will enter in the millenium these had been kept and preserved for God. the millenium is a daily pay figurao of the peace environment that will have in the new sky and the new land, despite that it does not have details of the new creation and its activities but with certainty will be workmanships made in the totality of the actions of a body spiritual that will possess its inhabitants there yes will be a kingdom total of submission and not more with iron pole.



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