The Power Of The Minimum

And God made man in his image and likeness and we believed us and us not complied. Since we stop and walk, we believe that our North is infinite and voluntary. We are human and God is Dios No anyone can bear such pride, then, our birthday and superb glide on unconscious parallel tracks. And if the school principal is surprised the intelligence of the child and predicts a future of unique artist or scientist, family stupidity feeds the ego forming a figure that exceeds our physical contour. We thus started to steal space with our wisdom and some fluids, this up materializes in fatness.

Other inapetentes – adopt an autistic attitude which generates envious that gluttony just they can garrapatear with a pencil. With the passage of the years, we devenimos in Kings of the planet and accumulate knowledge chasing eliminate the distance in the image and likeness ever closer to equality with the one that made us believe that everything it could. But anyone nor God is so generous. Surreptitiously and with a cunning as demonstrating the impossibility of matching us, saved an ACE up the sleeve, simple at first sight but unfathomable and forceful when it comes to the truth. In unison they die almost with certainty, one in a private clinic; the other, in a hospital without shifts-the wise and silly of a peritonitis. Matchless macabre joke of the Almighty was put in our earthly containers inconspicua gun.

Yes! We all have Appendix but not any one. No! I am speaking Appendix VERMICULAR or thin prolongation and hollow (to contain nothing), variable-length (for fatal Tickle more or less intense depending on where you arrive), which lies on the inside and terminal of the caecum (well blind) of man, of the monkeys (there one of the theories of our descent) and some rodents (not of all whySome are more or less rats). Hail, Lord God! With a bit of meat we keep at Bay and make impassable thy throne. Your ignominy without limits has its maximum expression when you allow it to catch fire. Yes, because only depends on your suggestion that our fierce efforts to endiosar us cut of rennet. But I warn you: in these times of cyber speed and above all, of battles won to diseases, formerly incurable, we are approaching dangerously to Discover your secret. Our fight fierce in the development of the brain is not stopped and I can foresee Chronicle plate redder than ever, with white letters that exceed the screen – while I run towards the TV acicateada by its unmistakable music of marcha and can’t hear my laughter accompanying the voice of the announcer: last minute news!



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