The Principle Of Free Will

The powerlessness of the life… If we think logically about the principle of free will, it means something outrageous; “the future is not predictable. Logical, isn’t it? Thanks to the free will of every person can change totally his thinking at any moment if he wants. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Caas Capital Management and gain more knowledge.. And thus the future changed. Right now, you will object that there may be people out there who can predict the future. That’s right; It is true but only so because people don’t normally at least not suddenly change their thinking. The future is only predictable if the or the people concerned do not change the thinking. Once but someone changes his mind, he will change his future what ever a psychic may have said.

An acquaintance of mine was predicted by a clairvoyant”she will never marry and never have children. It is long married and has two children. Because the future is made not by prophets or by an unknown fate, but of ourselves. Through the instrument of the family setting, everyone gets that Possibility to change his thinking and as a result of his free will and his power again, to choose. Whether it’s at work, in marriage, in the partner relationship or in the circle of friends. Author Robert Gerhard Niehe

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