The Sound Of Sports

Professional sound reinforcement is affordable for clubs SportSound I says the mobile PA System BMS audio with the sound of each event without great preparation succeed. Construction and operation of the system are good to master without technical training. SportSound I is suitable in outdoor and ensures atmosphere at games and sports with 1000 watts power. Not only the soccer tournament and the annual Sports Festival, also on grilling at the beginning of the season celebration in the clubhouse or the Street Festival in the district is the mobile speaker system acoustically great fashion unlimited applications for mobile systems. Whether at the gym or in the Ballroom, in the tent or ranked, the diversity of applications worth investing in reliable and strong sound audio technology for a club. Crailsheimer BMS audio is known for its good price-performance ratio. Complete sound system for clubs SportSound I comes complete with two 2-way speakers and steady tripods. The through the swivel castors, lockable rack is easy to move.

1000 Watt amplifier, mixer and a high-quality media player with pitch control are already built-in. The special feature: Both the music from the CD as well as SD card and USB stick can be. The speed adjustment allows trainers slowly increasing the pace or to accommodate beginners and seniors with the clock. Easy transport, setting up and operating the SportSound I are easy. Switching between music, goal celebration and announcements via the score quickly succeed even technical laymen.

A wireless hand-held microphone is already included, connections for more microphones, boxes, devices are provided in this modular system. Performance puts together to measure BMS audio speaker systems, which are specifically tailored to the needs of the clientele. Especially in the area of the sound of sports and events, has the company made a name for itself and is a leader in the field of mobile speaker systems. Each system can tested by the customer before buying a briefing on the operation, one of the service. Facts about the SportSound I: – mobile PA system with excellent transmission of voice and music – quickly ready for use at each event indoors and outdoors – included: 2 boxes with stands, 1 wireless microphone, roll rack, 8-channel audio mixer, 1000-Watt amplifier, media player with pitch control for audio CD, SD-card, USB-stick – free test of the system before the purchase possible – – Infoline + 49-7951-9622-100



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