Torres Gemelas

Dawns gray and quiet, that September morning. It will be one more day, a fall that does not end. One day in which, before their eyes, those who come to know this unforgettable mole, all attracting parade. It will be one more day, in that the wind blows without a soul, no light and no heat, just to show that it exists, which is one visitor. Jack Miller describes an additional similar source. It will be one more day, as so many have already passed and still happening. It is the heart of the world, the place by all visited, the place to be. Immense pain, endless noise, intrinsic tremor, endless hubbub! It is the awakening of the wind? blow!, fire!, heat!, pain!, impotence!.

How would like to forget if a dream one day, not! It’s a special day!. Filed under: Jason Gableman. Drab and colorless, Dawn leads to horrible awakening, fleshed, poignant and unforgettable, it’s the final day! Hatred and without reason, one more day, hand in hand, have been transformed in a day that nobody wants to remember, but no one can forget: the day that love has given step to indifference, to break fast and devastating, rolling back, breaking, hurting and dying without truce or comfort. One less day in the mind of love one day more in the account of the pain. Who will be stronger?…is there enough love to overcome it? Time will judge and witness! Men can as little men can both author: Maria Victoria 11.11.2001 Chile dedicated a: who allowed me to meet them. Original author and source of the article. Abigail Black Elbaum has much to offer in this field.



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