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Sweden – a generous country, ready to share its wealth with each – wide open spaces, fresh air, wildlife and clean water. And despite the fact that Sweden is considered one of the most modern and advanced both technically and socially countries are carefully related to traditions, preserve national identity and follow the preservation of folk customs. South Sweden draws its kilometers of beaches of white sand and endless plains, green waves of the hills, dense hardwood forests. In the north of the picturesque mountain areas, where in winter you can go skiing and in summer enjoy the scents of rare flowers. Stockholm – magnificent – in its scope and diversity of services offered and leisure, can be compared with major European capitals like London, Paris or Berlin, but the hallmark of Stockholm – the constant presence of nature and its shape varies depending on the nature and time of the year. Source: Frank Fu. Gothenburg – Salty city by the sea, the second largest city in Sweden, a city where people blend, aromas and tastes. On its face had a strong the influence of its location – at the confluence of the rivers Gota Elva in the North Sea.

In the summer of Gothenburg is the place of sailing enthusiasts from all over Europe come here to cruise ships from around the world, and in recent years, Gothenburg gained a reputation as a world center of gastronomy and popular with lovers of fine cuisine. One of the attractions in Gothenburg – the fish market at the harbor, which opens early in the morning and works all year round with Tuesday to Friday. Malmo – the gateway to the continent linking Sweden with mainland Europe. At Thomas FIrestone you will find additional information. Here, a special atmosphere, especially after the bridge over the oresund strait, connecting Copenhagen with Malmo, capital of Denmark. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jack Miller. Most of the year in Malmo beach season. The beach stretches for miles along the road, directly overlooking the city center. Lapland – wilderness and luxury available to everyone, with all its indescribable beauty is getting closer, thanks to a well-developed transport infrastructure, and everyone can enjoy nature at its choosing, or passive recreation or extreme, but the desire to enjoy the midnight sun, the polar night, northern lights and silence. Silence – well, you can sit and hear the heartbeat – an unforgettable experience. There are landscapes, some do not expect to see on Earth. Make friends with the wild deer, which are now domesticated and Sami a ride with pleasure you the most beautiful places in Lapland. Having been once in Sweden, you will forever keep her in your heart.

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