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Even asthma with corresponding shortness of breath or sinus infections (sinusitis) can be amplified by silent reflux. Sufferers often have a years of Odyssey with typical misdiagnoses such as allergy”behind him. Without clearly diagnosed finding patients were previously often quasi prophylactically”over a longer period with sow vine loosening therapy side effects and complications sometimes inclusive or even for further clarification and treatment Psychiatry referred to, because these symptoms could be otherwise also mentally. “New from the United States: secure acid measurement for silent” reflux into the United States for some years on many millions of patients successfully applied a revolutionary measurement procedure taking hold in German practices now. The American manufacturer Restech DX-ph measurement system “can the evaporated stomach acid in the throat be measured now over 24 hours, absolutely no gag reflex and without that it disturbs the patients in his condition”, white the ENT specialist private lecturer Dr. Detlef Brehmer from Gottingen as an early adopter of the new measuring method from his everyday. While a small probe is introduced through the nose into the throat behind the Uvula, securely placed and attached to the face with a transparent patch.

The catheter is so soft that he even gently and successfully used in infants to the measurement. The probe tip is a sensitive sensor that can measure not only cash but also gaseous acid in the throat and upper airway. As long as the probe is carried, a small apparatus wirelessly records the data in real time. In evaluating the doctor receives reliable statements about the expression level of reflux events such as certain dishes, large meals or at night. Depending on the severity of the The specialist will determine the appropriate therapy individually reflux. This revolutionary ph Metry thus for the first time allowed a meaningful determination of the acid gases in the neck throat and upper airway, so that sufferers can now exactly get the therapy they need.

Scientifically tested, certified and approved for previous, not completely harmless probatorische Saureblocker as blind therapy or even the transfer to the psychiatrist? Currently, there are nationwide already around 10 specialist centres, diagnosis working with this new, also in Europe of certified and registered ph Metry. In the United States the technology was approved in 2006 administration of the FDA/food and drugs, various studies and scientific studies prove the reliability of this new method of measurement. Approximately 200 and the costs for the patient not transferred usually so far still the health insurance companies. A cost transfer application is recommended but, because accurate diagnosis often substantially higher A month-long treatment, sometimes associated with prolonged downtime, costs can be avoided. More info and list:. Sabine Sabri

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