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Lamit company installs new age of new solutions of connection by the Internet completely mobile marine, their efforts leading communication satellite to the next level. The company has reduced the costs of services, now being able to offer services more efficient and more economical for different types of merchant ships, large and small cruise ships or yachts. Having deep experience in the commercial sector, Lamit company provides TDMA and SCPC services for the maritime market and offers its customers the best services they need: VoIP services at a cost of fixed telephony connections, free calls between the bowl and the headquarters and vice versa (depending on the PBX installed in the Office of shipowner), prepaid Scratch crew, VPN between ships and the headquarters, automatic conversion between different satellites without human intervention on board, monitoring, control, and provision of services to the distance, and much more. Lamit company has also launched new services by satellite to private yachts, which are also applicable to smaller vessels, cruise ships, ferries and fishing boats. This new service is a package of prepaid that includes hardware and 3 months of service. He comes to the aid of our clients that possess this type of vessels and companies, because it allows them to use the service of only 4 months a year (these first months are included in the initial price of the equipment) avoiding unnecessary costs for the rest of the year, when customers do not use their yachts. In addition, equipment used by Lamit is one of the smallest and lightest, the antenna has only 60 cm and its total weight is 45 kg. Due to its size, it is the first computer that allows operation with the dispersed spectrum multi mode because despite its size ll continues to provide performance and quality without compromises.Except connection solutions Mobile maritime, Lamit company also offers connections to the internet with technology satellite VSAT two-way fixed or movable and connections special military to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, or where the situation requires it. Military bases, government agencies, universities, cybercafes, drilling and oil companies for oil and gas, as well as several companies, but also people who use daily broadband satellite connections offered by Lamit company for communication in the world and secure data transfer. For more information, please visit the web page.



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