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What is extremely clear and not complicated contraption. But I assure you that this is not the case. The point is all that is practically all you'll find on similar sites to create websites (butter oil), it is unlikely able to help you in creating your first website or blog. And if it helps, the move towards achieving its goal of you very slowly. And just because you learn properly. Several years ago, intelligent people created a program for the PC, which maintains a record of everything that happens on the screen.

This program made it possible for anyone to pass on their knowledge anywhere in the world via the Internet in video format. Simply put – this is cFosSpeed for creating video tutorials. When you read the plain text (book, tutorial, page, site, etc.) then internalize only 10% of the information! If you can see, it is 20%. If you are involved in the learning process, internalize it as much as 70%! Exactly therefore, training with video tutorials is the most effective. That's why I never hardly used other methods of self-education.

When I was a question of creating the site I immediately turned to these Video Tutorials and began to study them. In those days I spent very much time to work in real life. To study video lessons I have had only a few hours a week! Total! My computer was not then a few months, and I was 'Round teapot "in all matters related to computers and the Internet. And despite all this, I have a few months later made his first website and posted it to the network, and after a further four, earned his first money in Internet. Only through these video lessons, the author is even a rabbit will learn to make websites (so clearly explains it all) – I made a quick understanding of the process of building the site and made his first life. So that if you have at least a couple hours a day studying video tutorials, you have two weeks have made your first website. And do it with your hands and absolutely free! That's when you realize that a construction site there is no absolutely nothing complicated!

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