World Savings Day 2010 – Savings Days At The Volksbank Oldenburg

From the 27th to the 29th of October you will find savings days concerned EC is held in the Volksbank Oldenburg on October 29, 2010 at the Volksbank Oldenburg. For 83 years, the Volksbank puts the investment, asset accumulation and the responsibility for their own plans in the consciousness that day for young and old. “Saving the Germans remains high the desire of the Germans to save, is unbroken”, explains Reinhard Nannemann, Board of Volksbank Oldenburg. In relation to disposable income the citizens have no longer saved as much last year as since 1994″, explains Nannemann. So, the share of savings to disposable income had increased the so-called savings in 2009 from 11.2% to 11.3%, as revealed by a recent study of the Federal Association of German Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken (BVR). The savings efforts of German households remain so pronounced. The savings trend noticeable positive among us”, as Reinhard Nannemann.

Moreover, customer deposits and on-site restaurants are Bearer bonds at Volksbank Oldenburg EC by the BVR backup equipment to 100 per cent and countries indefinitely protected. Saving at a young age learn saving needs to be learned. Therefore, Volksbank Oldenburg also supports parents in their children’s financial education. The next generation is therefore invited to empty the own piggy bank with a parent and to bring their money to the Bank. The consultants and advisors of the Volksbank explain love, like saving the youngest works and helping to open the first your own account. With the VR MeinKonto, the Bank of China offers a growing”account.

Here are the advantages to the hand, because the VR MeinKonto can be completed from the first year of life and adapts to each child’s age phase: from the savings account it become with advancing age the learning and pocket money to the youth giro account to young, flexible and convenient! Saving is rewarded as always and in good tradition on the world savings day and the days of austerity, the industrious small savers will be rewarded properly by the people’s Bank. Wait for the little ones in this year the plush animals Ed & Fred”and the cool kids backpack”. Of course, not the large colorful air balloon as well as the sweet Schokotaler is missing. But also the pupils and students are greeted with a great surprise. Everyone has something that drives him”- the piggy bank or the savings can pack up and set off to the Volksbank on the spot. Press contact: Volksbank Oldenburg EC Mr Helmut Bischoff road 8/9 26122 Oldenburg

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