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According to regulations and the aforementioned manuals, the conceptual structure of the thesaurus is limited to the types of relationships that are in them. Then, the choice of descriptors (i.e. the terms that represent concepts), are presented separately, understanding that it is a choice of form of the descriptor that are compounds (formed by several concepts) or simple (formed by a unique concept). However, at our discretion, the choice of the form of the descriptors, involves something else, because it implies the pos coordination or pre coordination at the time of structuring the conceptual field on which is the thesaurus, and hence this translates into the representation of lexical concepts, or in the terms. Finally, note that the above-mentioned sources suggests a conceptual structure of the thesaurus with a strong orientation to the paper support. Only the NISO standards refer to the possibility of an electronic device, whereas the thesaurus as part of a system for storage and retrieval of information (NISO 2003: 31). 2.2. Thesauruses in the digital environment document management is currently influenced by the development of the Internet and one of its more flexible technologies, the World Wide Web (WWW).

Several factors impact recognizes technologies associated with this context. The first impact factor, is the increase in the number of information resources that require description, identification and location elements. A second impact factor, is to promote the need for more consistent thematic analysis, with the consequent redesign of management tools and organization of information which include controlled vocabularies. The third and final impact factor, is the need to provide users with knowledge structures that allow a fast and friendly access to information, where one of the studied possibilities are thesauruses. Users require conceptual tools and semantics intended for an effective organization of digital information, and thesauruses are one of the structures which may have active participation in this sense. Read more in: original author and source of the article

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