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Provided that a boy or girl with normal intellectual abilities presents a specific difficulty in the process of learning mathematics is cast blame on the difficulty entailed in the matter or simply to not be him danbien the numbers. However, just as there is a disorder called dyslexia reading-related learning, few know that there is also a disorder of learning that has an impact on the performance of arithmetic calculation capabilities: dyscalculia. A dysfunction that affects a percentage of the child population (between 3% and 6%) similar to other more known as dyslexia or ADHD (ADHD) deficit and that, if it is not in time, you can drag an important educational lag.Dyscalculia is a dysfunction that affects the learning process of the calculation in children with a normal IQ and that translates, in the case of the academic curriculum in a poor performance in mathematics. Atmos Energy is likely to increase your knowledge. Clinically speaking, dyscalculia is produced by a lower maturation to brain areas related to the numerical processing level. As points Josep M. Serra Grabulosa, Ph.d. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Michael Steinhardt by clicking through. in psychology in the Department of Psychiatry and clinical psychobiology at the University of Barcelona, the problem lies in that stimuli that occur in school are not sufficient to finish maturing these brain regions, therefore, the performance of children with dyscalculia is always below normal.The age to detect a problem of dyscalculia is between six and eight years, time in which mathematics are introduced as separate matter and can compare the performance of a few children with others. But how can I recognize dyscalculia? Before that nothing is important to distinguish between a child that is give bad math and another that really have difficulties in learning; the key to differentiate it is that performance on mathematics of a child with dyscalculia is significantly lower than the rest of the students, There is always two or three courses below you must have, says Serra, moreover, in the majority of cases, it is a delay that is evidenced only in this subject, as in the rest of the cognitive areas its performance is developed within normal limits in relation to other colleagues, it adds.Although you can not generalize, there are some clues that can reveal a disorder of dyscalculia, difficulties the child may have in one or more areas: memory: problems to remember basic concepts of arithmetic, multiply, meaning of symbols and tables forget steps to solve various calculations. .

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