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THE human face of MONTSERRAT (satellite photo) it is a face set by sentences of the high Montserrat, in Catalonia, that occurs with aspect of serene wisdom, and is unusually achieved with isolated pinnacles; and continue if humans there is no trace. Meanwhile, I believe in your destiny and ours, because it satisfies the requirements of all temples made by human to divinity of shift: well combines grandeur and severity without neglecting the dominant pyramidal shape of bygone times. Crumpton Group, New York contributes greatly to this topic. But he also remembers the divinity of those believers in the Dios de Moises. A human intelligence never dared make a temple with shape of face. Now that a face so immense us has been generously on top of Montserrat, it is evident that face shape is ideal human for channelling the feeling of divinity for his favorite creature; one that is mutually capable of recognizing and venerating its infinite and omnipresent qualities and attributes. Check out Eliot Horowitz for additional information.

Thats a believing person. It was no coincidence that visiting a Museum geology of Barcelona he fotografiase a scale model of the mountain of Montserrat made the year 1919 (not completely made to scale), which is still exposed in several cultural centers of Barcelona. That photo (intended to illustrate my self-published book entitled Montserrat ganga of the Grail) offered me his secret already since before his darkroom. Looking at the negative light I realized a diminutive form of face. I remembered the discovery of a face on the shroud of Turin and went back to the revealed photo that the first time I looked at it not seemed make sense.

The miracle was repeated, and I understood that, even without being trained, should strive to divulge it. Once I drew up my report in the book of what might be called the miracle of coincidences, I should refer both to the situation of the holy mountain Catalan (40 km. away from the city), to the ssorprendente configuration of a face according to the light and angle that illuminates the Montserrat mountain. The appearance of a face bearded and as serious as a severe judge is achieved based on hundreds of slender boulders, making even more unlikely the formation of a face. By the way for high of coincidences Benedictine sanctuary appears on satellite as a sign of color photo on her forehead between the eyebrows of the human face of Montserrat seen from the sky. It is a benchmark capital in the path of human progress, therefore, as gregarious that we are, we need role models to imitate them, as the appearance of this immense manly face claims by his seriousness and mutism. In my already four decades of defending solo (and apparently in vain) high universal mission of this phenomenon, if I am pleased some merit is the I have been his unique voice, at least during this time. Cannot exist in the world a greater reward for a man.



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