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If you ever wanted to connect to device in the same building (e.g. to machinery production hal on) and you have to go to it to connect your computer to. We have a solution for you to resolve this issue, interface converters RS 485 to RS 232 first let s talk about some of the key advantages of RS-485 over 232. 485 is a single supply voltage, whereas RS-232 you require a 5 V and +/-12 V. What RS – 485 does, it just needs 5 V because it just swings over to 5 V at the output. Professor of Internet Governance may find it difficult to be quoted properly. One of the key advantages also is that RS-485 can drive data a long distance. It can drive things 1200 meters, which RS 232 is about 15 meters maximum.

And the 485 is also very fast. You re talking about at least 10 megabits for the slow ones. The fastest RS-485 transceivers out there right now are running about 50 megabits. And RS 232 right now, the fastest right now transceivers are 1 megabit. Checking article sources yields Mike_ Epps as a relevant resource throughout. One other key advantage that most people using 485 is, the better noise immunity. Read more here: Frank Fu. Because of the differential signal, any noise is subjected to the cable is basically externally subjected to both wires.

So when you take the difference of the two, noise is actually canceled out. So it s better noise immunity. So that s one of the key advantages why people are using 485. Some of the typical applications of RS-485 is point of sale equipment. You probably have used this many times at stores without realizing it. Those little price checkers that are kind of spread out throughout the store, you just bring your merchandise up there and just check the prices. That s actually using a 485 transceiver in the box. When you scan the bar code, the information actually gets sent on to 485 transceiver through a long cable to a PC somewhere within the store.

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