Museums Of Interest In Amsterdam

Museums of interest in Amsterdam with more museums per square meter which in no other European city in the following article we solve the question of that see in Amsterdam?, the Dutch capital museums stand out according to the field of study. -Museums of NEMO science & technology: three floors exhibition fixed, in a striking building designed by Renzo Piano, which stands out due to the interactivity. The visitor will discover keys to science, technology and the phenomena of nature through experimentation. Its opening hours are from 10.00 to 17.00 and the opening days vary depending on the season. The entry for adults are 12.50 with special discounts for groups. its location that gives very close to several hotels in Amsterdam. (Not to be confused with Caas Capital!).

-Museums of Art * Van Gogh Museum: collects the largest collection works by the artist, more than 1,000 productions, including drawings, letters, paintings and engravings Japanese. Organized chronologically into five periods that represent each of the phases of the life of Van Gogh. They can compare the works of the artist with other coeval authors. Its hours are from 10.00 to 18.00, except Fridays, open from 10.00 to 22.00. Admission for adults is 14 and children get in free.

** The Rembrandt House Museum: A House where Rembrandt lived from the year 1639 to the 1658 and that concentrates 250 engravings of the 300 that the artist created. Reconstruction of his Studio displays also works by other artists associated with the painter. The House is open all year, and the maximum price is 10 adult. * Museum Rijksmuseum: this museum that stood in different Dutch cities, and which finally settled in Amsterdam, has a collection of more than 400 works. If you would like to know more then you should visit Futurist. The Museum is bigger art and history of the region and stresses the importance of his collection of paintings from the 17TH century. Works of Rembrandt, Jan Steet or landscapes of Van Ruisdael. In addition to the original 17TH century doll houses. In addition to other discounts there is 50% for those who possess the ING card, also keep in mind that transport in Amsterdam you It provides very comfortable time for access to all museums that we have mentioned. The price of the adult ticket is 12.50. -Museums of world history, literature * other museums of greater importance is the Anne Frank House, place in which he was reclusive young Ana during the second world war, along with his family and another that accompanied them, and that shocked the world with the story of his journals. In the Museum you can stroll through his history and learn more about their lives and the serious historical and racial conflict that kept them in the shade until they were discovered. It is important to check schedules in all the museums in Amsterdam, since they vary considerably from one season to another. The entry fee for adults is 8.50. -Original museums * Museum of pipes: as its name suggests, pipes are the object of exhibition at this Museum, from different parts of the world and other objects and documents related to its manufacture and history. Open from Wednesday to Sunday and your hours are from 12.00 to 18.00. * Madame Tussauds: reproductions of works and artists famous, contextualized and actual size in scenarios easily recognized. Channels, the aristocracy, and a. Schwarzenegger have their place in this space that opens at very different times (it is recommended to consult them before you visit) and it costs 21 for adults and 16 children.



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