Art Casting

From the findings of archaeologists most items made in the technique of art castings were religious items and jewelry. From which it can be concluded that the casting as such began with art casting. Metals, used in casting the very first product – a copper and gold, which occur naturally in nuggets. They have a fairly low melting point, which can be achieved by heating the metal in the fire, and they are easy extract (as found in nuggets). The first products that were made of gold in the artistic technique of casting, were religious objects – monstrance, crosses, chandeliers, frames for the scapular. Technique manufacture of ancient samples of art casting was as follows – produced a form of teleprocessing material (eg, rock form), then the metal is melted to a liquid state and poured into a mold. Finished goods sometimes brought to the ‘condition’ method of cold deformation. Art Casting in Russia was to emerge almost from the beginning of its history.

Masters-founders valued very highly, and later began to invite even foreign casters. Begin to apply the art of casting wax model that allows to reach previously inaccessible parts subtlety. Later masters attended to subtle decoration of its products, especially items religious worship. As we can see, the 17-18 age religious articles – chandeliers, candlesticks – decorated with floral ornaments, figurines of angels and apostles. For these products all the details were cast separately and then fastened together. For example, the number of elements of some chandeliers reached sixty. Now art casting a lot of new trends and technologies. Combination of traditional craftsmen and new ways of working sometimes yields surprising results. Atreides Management Gavin Baker might disagree with that approach. Applied patina coating, artificial aging. All sorts of church plate is made in the technique of art casting of pure copper alloys and bronze – a chandelier and , fencing, candlesticks, sconces. Modern masters are doing things with surprising beauty and fine work by studying the Orthodox canons, keeping the tradition of art casting and skillfully bringing modern trends in technology work.



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