Blind Date

In one of my long walks, I discovered this little cafe, quiet and neat, and treasured as one of my best discoveries, so I considered that no better place to witness that from that date .- That appointment, such that came almost by accident, as the small cafe, unexpectedly, the result of those words …….. we get along so well, I like to meet you .- It was like a flash, I was against this cyber reality that touches us live, we have conversations that almost touch the intimate, and we have not ever seen me .- The idea was appealing, but I forced its concreteness let evolve the moments with this woman, great moments, and it seems impossible, without a face, but so well known .- ……………….. not you curious to know how I am?, and she seemed to guess my thoughts, if he wished but, as I imagine it? .- So, no rush or insistence, in the end we agreed to meet at my favorite place ,…… already had a blind date .- I arrived much earlier than the time agreed, and while the coffee cup rolled between my hands, I thought, would have done well?, and if I lost, I liked being with her a lot, and it seemed that she too be with me, but as serious reality? .- This meeting would not be like the others and felt some hidden fear, which is not happening where I have frequented in the chat room .- I kept looking toward the door, and when it opened agreed to make way for a female figure, not very tall, with short brown hair and beautiful brown eyes ……………..



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