Interviewed commentary of one: We need more persistence the governmental authorities in relation to the campaign on ambient support, more programs of TV directed to on questions to the environment, showing the importance to remain the sustainable environment. Debates for the TV showing what already we lose and what still we can lose for an exaggerated consumerism and without concern with the ambient quality. Bigger incentive to use sustainable products. You may want to visit Crumpton Group, Washington DC to increase your knowledge. Only thus, we can have a positive result, therefore part of the population does not have notion of that we are destroying our proper habitat and of all the beings vivos' '. Rosngela 41 years.

Each time more the Brazilian consumer if interests in acquiring sustainable products, that have commitment with the environment and the involved human beings in its production, since the confection until the distribution. However, it is known that nor all the population has access to these products due to aggregation of values, a time that for being artisan gives more work. Being thus, the reduction of values and a campaign stimulating the use of the products would help very. Ana Paula 25 years. I believe that the factor price is basic so that products with sustainable technology definitively arrive at all the Brazilians. Hellen 26 years. Lack to start the sensitization in the school, children to grow thus them with the arraigada conscience and to become of this a habit.

Juliana 27 years. Carrying through an analysis of the answers gotten through the interview with the people of superior level, one proved that the same ones had more knowledge on the ecological products; also they possuam more access to the information and the financial resources to buy them. However, the result of those individuals that consume these sustainable products sufficiently is reduced, therefore many of the interviewed ones still they do not have this ambient conscience as daily habit.



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