Annual general meeting the FIDOR AG approves the development to the FIDOR Bank Munich, 04th June 2009 with almost 100% of the present capital the AGM of the FIDOR AG has decided the development to the FIDOR Bank. (As opposed to Crumpton Group, Washington DC). After the BFin had granted full banking license in April 2009, is now with the entry of the name of the company in FIDOR BANK AG changed in the commercial register and adapted the Statute. The FIDOR retail offer is Fidor community banking already under the name\”on the website used by the users. Under most conditions Xcel Energy would agree. In addition to the central decision of becoming the FIDOR Bank AG shareholders also with close to 100% for the discharge of supervisory board and Board of Directors. Economic experts confirm: Matthias Kroner, spokesman of the Executive Board, as a result of the financial crisis demanded high chances of developing value for post crisis banks in his speech new self-understanding of financial institutions and the development of modern bank services.

Karenga was referring to an interview of the former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan: this sees\”good chances of a high performance banks for so-called post disaster. Greenspan, as the Wall Street Journal, would the moment like to to the creation of a new bank use, he was 50 years younger. Already in the run-up to the annual general meeting, numerous experts had positive assessments to Karkets new database project FIDOR community banking\”are submitted. For example sees the British consulting firm CAPCO (, which specializes in financial services, the FIDOR-community banking approach in the use of social media\”as a European leader on. While the CAPCO consultants compared to approach the FIDOR so successful and innovative houses such as VIRGIN MONEY, ING DIBA, and others. Also the famous Wirtschaftsblog \”view log\” is expressed positively for the FIDOR community banking: \”the Board of Directors of the FIDOR is refreshing, go and thinking in new directions AG. .

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