Bullying In Schleswig-Holstein

Day of action against bullying in Schleswig-Holstein Schleswig-Holstein first State with official anti-bullying day on December 2 as a national day of action in Schleswig-Holstein. Some youth protection officer of district – and county-level cities have called 2011 the anti-bullying day protection of children and youth with the action on December 2 in the life. This day of action which 2011 confessed under the slogan “Unite against bullying”, is intended to prevent that potential offenders are to actual perpetrators, and to urge citizens to take courageous action. In 2011 on day three districts in Schleswig-Holstein to have participated. The bullying day, according to the belted petition Committee (L 143-17/1512), more presence via the website will unfold this year. A poster competition, a rap competition with anti-bullying experts and/or a short film competition as well as theatrical performances, exhibition and a mob under the motto “Cyberbullying is violence” were planned around the day of action against bullying. We now expect the voltage Publications on the advertised Web page. A statement on the subject of bullying Mr Prime Minister Torsten Albig asked the citizens initiative “Pro fairness against bullying”. Interesting will be whether Schleswig Minister Torsten Albig will take over the patronage for the day of action in Schleswig-Holstein. We both fingers the “creators” in Schleswig-Holstein, may get the necessary support of the State Government, we wish you much success, coupled with the hope that more States will participate in this action anyway, for the day of action against bullying on 2 December, 2012. Klaus-Dieter may

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