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An online catalog is defined as a virtual presentation of articles that are available for marketing, which includes a detailed description of items, price, process order, etc.; also referred to the online catalog as Cyber catalog, electronic catalog or virtual catalog. ( one of the main advantages of having an online catalog is the possibility of that business to be found by potential customers rather than businesses are potential clients. Therefore, has a greater chance of making a sale if the company offers what the consumer is looking for. In addition to online catalogues are available all the time, offer very complete information, are easy to update and promote, also serve to reinforce the brand image, they usually offer more information than a printed catalogue, they allow current customers to share assessments of products, etc. If you already have with a printed catalog, we recommend that you publish it to Google Catalogs. Google Catalogs allows you to search and view printed catalogs that have been adapted to be available on the Internet. If you are looking for an economical way to create a catalog for your products or services online, we invite you to join to the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. At the moment that is registered and activated your account, you can create a catalog on line that includes five products / services offered by your company.

In the event that your needs are greater, can acquire the Membresia Premium with which you can publish up to 100 products in the catalog online for your company. The e-commerce offered by HISCEC tool allows you to create a catalog on line you can upload up to 12 photos per product, a detailed description of products (SKU, bar code, size and price) and may also receive evaluation of customers. Use the catalog that assemble in HISCEC as a promotional material, which can promote through its Web site, printed materials and with its existing customers. In order to create a catalog that maximize the benefits offered by the tool, we recommend that you use high resolution photos. If we can help you with something, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal.



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