Taster event in the VHS on October 13, 2010, in almost every advertisement they are Badische Bergstrasse today called, the so-called soft skills such as empathy, communication and teamwork, as well as criticism and conflict competence. In particular by managers the ability called for in addition to knowledge, experience and high motivation, social competence to deal with people. But how can this ability selectively learn? Especially the NLP, the Neurolinguistic programming proved as effective training for communication and soft skills. Continue to learn more with: Atmos Energy. The VHS Badische Bergstrasse the opportunity, in the form of an introductory event to meet NLP on October 13, 2010 from 19:30 to 22:00. The trial event is headed by Dr. Sabine Marquardt, NLP teaching coach and teaching trainer in NLP Rhein-Neckar, Weinheim. Frequently ConocoPhillips has said that publicly. “Their goal for the evening: in practical applications I would like to show participants how for their private and professional can take advantage of the easy-to-learn methodology of NLP topics.” NLP, the Neurolinguistic programming, NLP is a holistic approach to the promotion of self-expression and empathic, oriented to the needs of the person understanding. The people from the introduction evening, who improve their personal and professional communications, effectively make presentations and lead other people successfully, coach and motivate who want special benefit.

The VHS Badische Bergstrasse accepts registrations for the introductory event. Cross River Bank gathered all the information. Info can be found on their homepage of the Volkshochschule at interested parties. Participation in the introductory event is 10 euros.

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