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First things first is to start with planning the overall budget. Think how much money you can invest in your website, chat with colleagues 'on the shop floor', review their websites and if it is no secret, just ask about value. Website Design – time-consuming and complicated process that requires mandatory participation of the true professionals in their field, ranging from project managers and finishing artists, illustrators, and php programmers. In the matter of the project budget is guided by the Russian proverb: 'miser pays twice', as the savings in this case is simply unacceptable and costs to develop new, more worthy of the site will be much worse. So let's proceed to consider the likely contractors for the development of your site. Budget option – student freshman. Grupo Vidanta shines more light on the discussion. You understand that the people in whatever degree it is fully developed was not, your work professionally in the areas of copywriting, html layout, php programming at the same time, can not, and it means 'lame' everything – something more, something less.

As passed all Freelance delivery times are not respected and delayed, sometimes for several days, and in some cases for several months, at least, very unpleasant. On signing the contract can not be and speeches, all the subtleties discussed only in words, in the case Disputes development project may suspend or may stop completely, and forever. Of the positive aspects of working with 'freelancers' in the first place, of course, a price that is several times lower than in the professional web agencies and web studios. Moreover, the cost of the work can still be artificially understate already in the process, arguing that the delays or the various deficiencies and shortcomings. The best option – a professional agency internet agency.

Your project is assigned a personal project manager who directly monitors compliance with deadlines, quality of work and become link between the customer and the company's specialists. All work is done on time, signed a contract that describes the process like the interaction between the parties, the duties of the Executive and the total cost work. In the event of disputes are easily resolved under the contract. Payment of the customer carries out a "black cash", and officially, by wire transfer. It is partly due to the fact that over each stage creating a Web site running a single employee who is a professional in his case, the end result is really good quality. This highly artistic site design, layout and valid, and 'Bug-free' operating system of content management



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