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Today it used no wood Board more iron-desire for cleaner and nicer clothes is probably already as old as mankind. Especially the functionality was still very important clothing insulation and rain protection in the early days these aspects in the history of human culture have moved more and more into the background. Today it’s fact, require wearing perfectly fitting and perfect-looking garments. There are a lot of technique, which will help to achieve this goal quickly and as simply as possible. Just think of large appliances such as washing machine and the dryer, are now more likely to lacking in almost every household in Europe. But also the profane Ironing Board has brought a tremendous development over the last 100 years. Ironing boards in the truest sense of the word were still simple boards that were involved with some fabric at the beginning of the 20th century modern ironing boards users can shake only pity the head. Because a modern Model is characterized by a Wabenkoknstruktion.

This honeycomb structure allows the steam which is emitted from steam iron or steam ironing stations, to get better through the fabric of a piece of linen. For more information, you can follow this link to the home page. In this way, the fibers are better exposed to the steam, swell up better, and can thus better to iron. This finding is quite old and ultimately was the basis for the widespread distribution of steam iron. But their efficiency can not fully unfold on a rigid Board made of wood. Likewise, Steam ironing stations require a new generation of ironing boards.

Because they emit so much steam that a normal ironing board quickly swells up with water and this drop leaves on the ground. This is particularly unpleasant, if you iron, for example, in the living room watching TV. Therefore, there is a new, so-called active technology. Here, the ironing board takes an active role. He sucks by a fan the steam on. This is sucked in this deep into the tissue of the fabric to be ironed. All fibers are virtually awakened from its winter sleep and let easy to iron. This technique is used for several decades in professional laundries and makes for some years now their way into households. The cost of such Ironing Board exceed the previously familiar. But the ironing results that can be achieved with such a Board, justify the higher cost. Because the old dream of mankind well sitting, beautiful clothing is always easier and more accessible by the advances in technology.

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