Breast Augmentation In Poland

Cosmetic surgery at the highest level in Szczecin plastic surgery in Poland, allows patients with a smaller purse to fulfill the dream of the perfect body. In Poland only surgeons may perform plastic surgery’s, which made also their specialist of plastic surgery. The cosmetic surgery are just for people, who have the right money available, since the Elimination of the border between Germany and Poland over. Many German women as well as men, go to Poland, to meet the dream for a perfect appearance. Many of the Polish expert surgeons of plastic/aesthetic surgery, have now to far on the former boundary, a very good reputation. The procedures in plastic surgery are cheaper in Poland up to 60%. Medical care is carried out with State of the art technology and specially trained personnel. Of course the clinics comply with the EU requirements and it is a treatment, as well as a catering on highest Guaranteed level.

Also only surgeons may perform in Poland cosmetic surgery, which purchased also their specialist of plastic surgery. For this reason, the patients can perform the procedures in the much cheaper Poland with a very good feeling,, Angela Masch believes, this requirement should also, as soon as possible here in Germany will be introduced. Here, E.g. gynaecologist may perform plastic surgery. Call but not plastic surgeon should you”. Services of the provider: plastic surgery breast augmentation breast lift breast reduction liposuction Rhinoplasty facelift, tummy tuck etc. contact: Angela Masch settlement trail 1 28844 Weyhe Tel.: 04203 445845 mobile 0174-9156134 E-Mail:

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