Hostels in Europe are as expensive as hostels in South America. In Europe, you pay an average 20 euro per night in a dorm. Private rooms are of course more expensive. Please note: You that often at particularly favourable hostels bed linen, breakfast and local tax in the price are not included. Read exactly the description of the hostels. What facilities must a hostel have? The most hostels have kitchen, luggage room, safety cabinets, common room with TV, vending or bar, Internet point and tourist information.

The offer varieert from hostel to hostel and from country to country. You can see what the rooms look like, on the images. How long can I stay in a hostel? Hostels are ideal for short stays for backpacking and individual tourism. HostelsClub allows bookings for 7 days, some hostels allow bookings up to 30 days. Read the description, whether the hostel has the restrictions.

If it is not the case and you want to be more than 7 days in the hostel, you can book two times the same hostel. Some hostels have also other limitations: for example sometimes, especially during major holidays you must book at least 2 times. WHY HOSTEL? Pro’s Flirtchansen good for cheap prices, cool and crazy backpackers Hostelling and high security, important above all in the country by the culture which is foreign to you. If you travel alone, you will feel not alone and find maybe a nice fellow. If you verresen in the group, you may be still undisturbed. Advantage – kitchen where you can cook: so save money and can follow the usual diet. There is a bar where the cool girls and boys hang out. Sometimes there are parties and the staff speak English. It’s fun to meet new people in any case. And if you want no communication, a clear ‘No, thank you!’ understood in any language. Hostels and Hostelling gives you the feeling to be a world traveler. It’s a nice feeling. Contro’s against Hostelling no parking places, where I let your BMW? Why’s this pretty girl snoring so much? And why check out this cool guy already tomorrow morning from? Yes, there is no page, and No cleaning lady who brings fresh towels. And you miss the small vial with cheap shampoo and SOAP (although many hostels also offer it). And dispense backpackers might do on the shower for three months and that will disturb you might easily? But even if you find the ballerinas of the pretty girls instead of milk in the fridge, believe me: it’s worth the experience. Trust you and book your first hostel here.

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