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And the teacher is not physically have time to keep track of all my mistakes and corrected in time. Especially, vocabulary was not so much to train spoken language in a large company. Advantages of the method: low cost; Discipline – tasks that must be met on time and lessons that need to go; live communication. Disadvantages of the method: focus teachers absent for the whole group. Private lessons with TUTOR I thought little of courses to successfully and quickly learn Czech, and I came up with a way out – became involved with a private tutor. To save money find like-minded.

Together we trained spoken language in the classroom and talked in Czech out the lessons to give enough knowledge and attention from the teacher. But, after all these lessons were quite expensive for me. Advantages of the method: teacher works only with you, accordingly, the quality of learning increases; assignments and lessons are oriented specifically for you, take into account the level of knowledge, speed of memory and other factors. Disadvantages of the method: a sufficiently high price. Independent study CZECH ON-LINE When I was a little accustomed to the language, she decided to study independently. The Internet provided an extensive library of books and online courses in the Czech language.

Very difficult to choose methodology and not get lost in the abundance of sources of useful information. This method has a major advantage – it is absolutely free. But there are also disadvantages.

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