Human Resources

Moses organized his people’s Exodus 18:17-26 Moses’ father, noting that his son spent too much time supervising many individuals, I suggest the following: “No you are right about that. With work so unlikely you burn, not only you, but the people around you. It is however higher than your strength, you can not cope by yourself. Hear then, my words and advice … please choose able men, and sets them heads a thousand people, hundreds, fifties and tens, which will be continually village chief.

And if something serious happens, they will send to you, sentencing them minor, and that will be more bearable for you to load games with others. If this hicieras comply with the orders of God and you will look to run its precepts, and all these people again in peace in their own way. ” Thereafter, Moses followed the advice of his father, “And when Israel chosen men of strength, make them heads of people, a thousand, one hundred, 50 and 10 people, which administered justice to people at all times, and causes more severe forwarded to Moses, judging them only the easiest. Questions: 1 .- Why do you think Moses initially acted that way? 2 .- Do you think Moses is a good or bad manager? , Why? 3 .- What would have happened if Moses does not take into consideration the advice of his father? 4 .- What other suggestions can you give to Moses to improve their work?



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