For sale a mobile air conditioners new generation of Electrolux, which is not inferior to conventional split-systems for the performance characteristics and which can be used in any environment and facilities. The main advantage mobile air conditioners Electrolux is the lack of time spent on the installation and connection of the air conditioner to work, that along with a fairly large capacity air conditioner (4.1 kW of cooling for air conditioning Electrolux EACM-14) significantly expanding their scope. The main advantage of mobile air conditioners Electrolux is the presence in the lineup of powerful models of air conditioners, which puts them in a series of split-systems for functionality and regions application. For example, they can be successfully applied in cases where there is no way a traditional split-system or do not have time. In addition, they can serve as the 'magic wand', when not enough cooling capacity to air-conditioned room is because of the changing power of heaters or air conditioning systems design errors, and on its removal there is no time. As is often the is a particularly hot summer periods, when it became apparent that the HVAC equipment can not cope with maintaining the desired temperature in the office and need to quickly do something about it. Mobile air conditioners Electrolux can be easily moved from one room to another or, for example, go to part company in the exhibition, or to the country at the weekend. You will always provide a comfortable climate where you do not use mobile conditioners Electrolux.



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