They had been efectuados concomitant registers written, graphical (drawn to the scale 1:20) and photographic. The graphical register of the observed realities was efectuado with coordinate correspondents X, Y and Z. The photographic register happened in the diverse phases of the intervention, more exhaustingly possible. It stops all beyond the field work was, still, taken the handle a bibliographical research of the specialty, as well as other consultations understood for necessary to the study in cause, as well as institucional databases. Objectivos the archaeological works had been carried through in the estimated one to allow one better understanding of the observed reality, to determine eventual sequncias of occupation, good as well as allowing crono-culturalmente to integrate the archaeological vestiges through the study of the observed realities and the materials exhumed in elapsing of the intervention. The works objectivavam, still, to evaluate the patrimonial value, and scientific, of the existing archaeological context, form to determine the measures most appropriate it stops proteco/minimizao of impactes resultant of the implementation of the Projecto.

Archaeological works to the Pk the 131+326 archaeological works had been carried through under scientific direco of the Signatory, having for base what behind it was mentioned in regards to the used methodology and to the objectivos of this intervention. The works had initiated with the cleanness of the slope (cut) in the involving area to that one where the socket excavated in the rock was detected, of form to foil the existence of others not yet identified, what it was not come close to disclose. The cleanness of the cut allowed to assure that all the slope if constitutes of rocky outcrop (granite), which is covered, in its top, for a vegetal land layer of estratigrfica power very reduced. The works of hollowing of the interior of the structure had allowed to identify two estratigrficas units: a first one (UE 01) constituted of land layer of chestnut coloration, of argillaceous matrix, which contains sparing remaining portions of organic material (roots), well as well as small residues of coal.



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