Portuguese Identity

Thus, conjuntode existing peoples in Brazil is represented by the indian, white and black, frutodos ethnic values of each one. That is, for the author, each culture influenciada for the regimen that is being submitted. In this space, the viviano indian tribal regimen, the Portuguese colonist in the feudal system and the black in a culturaprimitiva. Each one of these chains would result in the heterogeneidade that the Brasilvive today. The process of identity in Brazil does not have to be understood deformed homogenia, therefore as it places Renato Ortiz in ' ' Culture brasileirae identity nacional' ' , it does not exist authentic a national identity, massim a plurality of identities; that the process of ' ' aculturao' ' so argued, &#039 passes to be considered as one; ' transplantaocultural' ' , ' ' culture alienada' ' 10. For the construction of the work, the fonteoral use was necessary, through interviews, where deCoco of Lizard was possible to rescue the memory of the samba, next to older components of the group and the maisrecentes; of the coordinator of the association that showed the importance of the same one, for the spreading of the folclricos works; bibliographical sources that deramcorpo to the elaborated work. The folklore many times is related as to culturapopular in the ample direction of the word, on the look of the exotic one.

Its compromissocom the reality is divided in popularizing the culture scholar, dimming the popular culturado one. This relation clarividente is automatically transformed present cultural naseparao into the social context. The autonomy exerted popular pelacultura, through its spontaneous and traditional traces, danificada for being to the edge of the culture of the dominant ones. The possibility to register daily of people cujasuas histories if lost in the time, became a reality through avanosdas Sciences social human beings and. The transformation of sciences and its alargamentopossibilitou to think history not only as an exclusive photo only e, sobos effect of histories of heroes, of history only written, but recognize importance of the orality, as predominant factor to understand existing asidentidades in society.



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