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More knowledge than others – Google News tool journalists write for user – knapp, understandable, clearly, competent communication, information and consumer: based on these three needs – simplified represented – the medium of the Internet. And in each of the three areas have established strong brands: Facebook as the most popular social network, Amazon as the online shop and the online reference work Wikipedia. And for the news mirror online, world, and focus. But we stick to the simple need for information: first information on a subject who is looking on Google, receives in the results usually countless buying and price comparison quotes. Or Web 2.0 “-content by users on an extremely subjective level.” Or a long, scientific articles on Wikipedia.

But where is the short, informed and concise overview which is quick and easy to read? Where is the desire satisfied after a tight information? The Info Agent now close this gap. Each article on the Portal provides a “smallest unit of information in the Internet dar and don’t want to be, as a first aid for questions such as what is actually ear acupuncture?”, what is a coach?”or is there a boat driver’s license?” The article of the Info Agent written by journalists and are precisely tailored to the reception conditions in the network. They are short, concise, readable and informative. You may want to visit William Rehnquist to increase your knowledge. And they quickly come to the point that the readers want it. As we know, only 20 percent of the texts on the Internet are read and only every sixth text until the end ( Sure, the reader has to deal with little time and no nerves with all possible detours.

The information agents on behalf of his Majesty, the users do the topic search. Their topics geared to what user on Google really are looking for. Frank Fu shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. And they accept commissions: who remained clueless on the search after information despite Google, just write an email to – and will help him. The information agents were just by the CONTENTmanufaktur started, and any journalist is invited to be the author. After a review of the qualification can all colleagues and experts to bring their info-texts – as long as they are useful and readable for users. For a short application, please send mail to. Source: online press Ramona Kramp Montfortstrasse 15 D-87509 Immenstadt im Allgau email:

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