Vital99plus Seminars In Europe In 2008

It is generally possible to 99 years and older to be in good health, fit, vital and full of joie de vivre? These are genetically or otherwise particularly favoured people, enviable individual cases exceptions? It is really normal – only because it is currently the most frequently encountered condition in our civilization – that the average human is only 60, 70 or 80 years old, and this under a common continuous deterioration in his general State of health, as well as accumulating chronic ailments and diseases? Is the rule State inevitable except for some lucky degeneration at the age to the extent as we often encounter it, really? Couldn’t we get to take a massive restriction of movement possibilities – which we are often not aware, as we we have stabilized at this low level-, the eyesight and many other bodily functions in purchase, once we reach a certain age? Is it really inevitable after a few decades to have all possible deterioration of physical and mental nature on this earth and his State of health after which to define, even worse off are? We are a bad design, a Pfusch(Werk) of creation, so we squander our capital, our real potential through an unnatural lifestyle, which is considered generally normal, since currently the vast majority of the population practised this instead? What if we were originally to something else designed: the natural state of human spiritual, mental and physical harmony, charm, vitality, flexibility, and ease should be? Are we destined to a life of joy, harmony and wealth, inner and outer wealth and well-being? Should maturity and wisdom, balance and serenity in connection with prolonged youthfulness, elasticity and vitality not adapt with age instead of weakness, pain, tension and disease? How can we then new tuning, similar to a disgruntled musical instrument, how we can enable the enormous healing powers of our body and let him swing at a frequency of harmony and health? Actually, our body is many decades as a Perpetuum mobile to work smoothly and to regenerate itself constantly and to renew itself by his constant regeneration care. If you just let him, the body brings back always is in the balance. He is never more than a few years old, because all parts of the body, organs, cells, and the House be renewed at least once not later than within a few years. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Petra Diamonds. How depends but decisively where our environment and our inner attitude our beliefs. Because all our thoughts, words, actions and beliefs learn deep at the cellular level in us. Scientific studies come more and more to the conclusion that the true potential of the human body beyond the age, today What hold means that most people of our civilization possible now specifically? What is Vital99plus? Vital99plus is an evolution of my previous fasting and other seminars that includes latest insights and diverse experiences and linking.. By the same author: Frank Fu.

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