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These days, every self-respecting organization creates its own Internet portal, where it briefly describes the history, list of services. Such sites often are advertising on the Internet. Thus, after a Web site, usually followed by a second stage – the promotion of a site on the Internet. There are many options to increase traffic to your Internet resource, and you determine the method of its promotion. The most effective, well the most economical way, has a registration in catalogs.

Registration site in directories helps to create external links to your web portal. The more web site has external links, the higher its ranking in various search engines. Registration in the directories of links – is a simple procedure, it can increase your ranking. Typically, commercial portals to buy an internet portal, laying with the increasing popularity of revenue growth. Although There is another approach which does not require cash outlay – this exchange links with other sites, but can only keep it from zero indexing your Internet resource search engines. But let us return to the registrations article directories. Note that the directories are different. Let's you sort out the "white catalogs," they will place a direct link, without requiring the installation of its links instead.

Direct link – the name of your Internet site, it will promote the site in search engine indexing. Alina de Almeida helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But there are also so-called "gray catalogs," those who for posting links on its web site usually requires placing them, but its presence is not check. And finally, the so-called "black" directory, one that usually requires the placement of their links sure and will check its availability. Remember, if your web site to find lots of links on the directories that search engines can "ban" your site. It should be noted that it is registered in the so-called white catalogs can afford to raise "referential" the popularity of your web resource. Yet this is usually facilitates registration in the directories of search engines.



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