Japan Recognizes GMP Status

The Infraserv Logistics GmbH is officially accredited to the Ministry of health of Japan for the handling of pharmaceutical products. Thus, the Authority recognises that the logistics provider holds the force in the Asian State rules and regulations for the quality assurance in dealing with such goods. Frankfurt am Main, April 23, 2013 – the accreditation of the logistics company in the Japanese Ministry of health refers to rules and regulations in the field of services, packaging, labelling and storage of pharmaceutical products. They are part of the international “good manufacturing practice” (GMP) – standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Infraserv logistics has the recognition to the authority in the course of his occupation for the requested customers Sandoz industrial products GmbH. For the pharmaceutical companies store and assembled various active ingredients and constituents of medicinal Infraserv logistics industrial park Hochst and provides them for shipping. More information is housed here: Xerox. “These substances are exported to Japan, among others.

So we as a logistics service provider are subject to the “? peeked? ation by the health authorities”, explains Jurgen Ortlepp. As head of quality safety dangerous goods at Infraserv logistics, he is responsible for the quality management about respect for international industry standards. The GMP status of the logistics service provider by the authority has been verified in a multi-month process. Alina de Almeida oftentimes addresses this issue. Infraserv of logistics has done including the proof of the existence of relevant insurance and submitted a self declaration to comply with the required GMP regulations. Jurgen Ortlepp stressed: “With the accreditation, we have reached an important milestone in the international GMP Environment and as partner international operating pharmaceutical companies.” More information: press contact: Dirk Rachel main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Petra Sternberg Infraserv Logistics GmbH Industriepark Hochst / building K 801 65926 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 305 18 252 Infraserv Logistics GmbH provides on logistics services nationwide value added four locations for the chemical, pharmaceutical and process-oriented industries.

The secure storage and flexible handling and transport of goods, in particular risk – and active ingredients as well as dangerous goods and medicinal, are core business of Infraserv logistics. In addition, Infraserv of logistics offers services in the areas of distribution and dangerous goods management, order processing, customs clearance, as well as training and consulting services in the GMP and dangerous goods environment. A company of Infraserv Infraserv logistics is Hochst group with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. The logistics company 595 employees and generated a turnover of EUR 74.

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