Jorge Maldonado

It is essential to highlight the special way of being of each participant in this promotion that made us subject of being labelled jokingly by the same companions of promotion with them, usual, and other not so, nicknames or nicknames. Putting on record that on grounds of not hurting sensitivities in some cases or cause overall and memorable ironic celebrations, only on this occasion, will not be mention of the exact or original nickname of christening of each participant. As well, participants who mention with their respective nicknames, which in some cases coincide with the personality of everyone, in other cases, exaggerated it and many others, is totally opposite. It should be put on record the following humorous note was included only for purposes of detract too ceremonialism and not formality to the following enumeration. Accordingly, shall pass to posterity, not without a mixture of feelings of friendship, nostalgia and infinite respect.: – Juan Arevalo, as the Ambassador of the Amazon, – Santos Barrantes how, The amiguero, – Angel Carpio as the very busy, – Jesus Carreno as, the ceremonious, – Raul Diaz, as the pure heart – Teresa Espinoza as the always clever, – Vladimir Farfan as informal advocate, – Jose Gamarra as the artist-, Carlos Juarez as the moralist at any cost. -David limes, as the reflective hyper – Jorge Maldonado as the full of anecdotes-, Juan Martinez, as the master, -Edilberto Mejia, as the very talkative, – Galileo Mendoza as the funny, – Jose Moncada as the shave litigator, – Pedro Palomino, as President – Pablo Pilco as the delegate by conviction-, Jose Ponce as the one-man band, – Juan Ponce as the super concentrated, – Rosa Rugel as, the mediator, – Jorge Torres as, the academic recontra; and, – Juan Vasquez, as the always paused. Furthermore, we cannot fail to express:-firstly, our deep satisfaction and nostalgia at the same time, abandon, though temporarily, the world of the doctorate of the University Federico Villarreal and its surroundings, so by leaving behind the category of participants or doctoral students,-in second place, an undeniable joy and satisfaction at having chosen the category of doctorates in law; -Thirdly, our resolute commitment of qualification, because we are facing the next step which is the opt the academic degree of Doctor, but not before opting for Magister, of course, except for our promotion Mag Companion.



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