Relaxing Music

Music tames the wild beasts used to say the old ones. Today, with advances in technology, science already could determine the beneficial effects that has music as therapy.In this blog you will find relaxing music for different situations, understanding that every moment and mood has one. For example, stress demand a type of music that you relax different from depression or anxiety.Sounds of mantras we consider that they are a formidable way of controlling the mind whose projection of negative thoughts are the direct cause of stress and disease. Listen to them and repeat them and immediately see the relaxing effects that produce throughout your being. Meditation, yoga and Tai Chi are also end the expansion of consciousness that is undoubtedly the great ally of a full and satisfying life.This blog is intended for you to experience the calm necessary to let the joy and happiness that you deserve in your life through music. Enjoy it! The atmosphere is what we only perceive through intuition. Many times we are in a place and we simply feel good or bad and can not explain it with our logical reasoning. Create a relaxed and relaxed environment without stress is an art that combined with science gives rise to a discipline that in China they call feng Shui.El feng Shui takes into account all the elements that are covered in a physical space with the intention of creating a harmony in the environment. Color, furniture layout, orientation of Windows and light, smell and the sound of a piece will be the factors to take into account.Environmental music has to be soft, takes second place, giving rhythm, vitality and warmth to the environment, to promote contact and dialogue. The mood is something that moves us down or gets us many times depending on external stimuli, in this way the music is a great ally that can help us to change our mood.In this section we want to is get positive, active, with a good mood and for that we have selected some topics that surely will find.Taking into account that each person is different, we’d us sugirieses topics that you serve you.



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