Planning Toolkit

To this end, a Planning Toolkit is developed in which the user can decide for which orders, articles or resources, the planning strategies work and which environmental targets should be optimized. In addition to classic logistics algorithms such as forward, Backwards, Center – and JIT/JIS termination will be especially optimization algorithms residue-free real time planning, taking into account multiple restrictions to use. Heuristic, cybernetic or genetic calculation methods should be adapted to a resource-optimal production planning and used. Furthermore the time discrete flow simulation techniques to flow. For example, the user can integrate uncertainty in its set-up, piece or replacement times and thus in various PLA-nungsszenarien take into account risks. Based on what if simulations focusing consideration on resource and energy efficiency possible, which can also be stored.

This, it is possible to simulate the impact of different capacity allocation on the resource and energy consumption, and to incorporate in the subsequent planning. Module 5. The rich presentation of generated plans allows visualization and control as well as corresponding pressure, storage and export functionalities. In addition to classic Dar position shapes such as lists or the bar or list, innovative and intuitive visualizations to help the user in reaching its decision. In addition to the visualization, interactive job control also will be allowed.

This includes moving jobs with drag-and-drop with subsequent simulation of corresponding resources and energy consumption and processing the results. The module 6. Is data acquisition all other modules as provider of current data. It combines the manual operating data acquisition BDE (E.g. time, quantities and Committee) as well as automatic machine data collection from MDE (E.g. energy cycle – production, downtime). Through the analysis functions of the seventh module, planned and actual data using forms and reports can be analyzed and condensed into meaningful reports, key performance indicators, or cockpit. Here is also the extension of existing performance measurement systems to Indicators of resources and energy efficiency.

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