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Topics include real estate redevelopment, sustainability and yield food, 21.03.2011. “On March 23, 2011, Koschany download + room architects (Nagaraj) from 14: 30 until 18:00 again to the experts-round” a. The event, which is the series of lectures initiated since 2009 by Nagaraj, takes place on the Conference floor of the architects in the Ruttenscheider Strasse 144 45131 Essen. The overall theme of the afternoon is the efficient and sustainable real estate renovation with reports from research and practice. The event is free of charge. Please register: Tel. 0201 / 896 45 0 or.

Professor Peter Niermann, the revitalisation of the property from the perspective of the future user or owner looking at managing director is Niermann consulting and one of the speakers of the afternoon, in his lecture. “” In the value added chain of search, buy, develop, and enhance ‘, “Niermann stressed, my focus on the return on investment to be expected after the revitalization.” Previously illuminated Angele Tersluisen, junior professor at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern with specialty House Cybernetics the subject property from the point of view of research. Their focus on the control and regulation of energy efficiency and sustainability in the building renovation. AG. explain how to optimize existing buildings and the increased demands interdisciplinary master, following Frank Kamping and Jurgen Einck of the DREES & Sommer In her lecture, the two senior project partner illustrate the requirements engineering with three project examples. The conversion one heritage real estate moves Wolfgang Zimmer, managing partner of Nagaraj, in the center of his considerations.

The Essen project Theatre passage with new use as a health center and other local examples illustrate challenge as well as added value in planning and construction management. Nagaraj stands for creativity, quality and innovation. founded in 1959 in Essen and continued today in the second generation by Axel Koschany and Wolfgang Zimmer, is the strength of the Office is always back at ease and open to new challenges to address and find solutions. The experiences of around 50-strong team go far beyond the region of food to Ireland, Russia, Georgia and Dubai. For his clients, the Office is always a reliable partner: in architecture, construction management tasks and consulting services, a generalist such as specialist. Since 2005, Nagaraj maintains an Office in Dubai. 2009, the architects there opened their Office Nagaraj Middle East. The new, founded in September 2010 as an independent GmbH KZP Koschany + room project development represents another addition of the entire performance spectrum.



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