Relations Human

It stops to understand it, in first place, is necessary to know its meaning global that according to Odebrecht (1998, P. 194) ' ' … is the instrument for which the human beings dialogue, they negotiate and they arrive at the agreement, by means of the use of said word e, of complementary form, with the support of the written word and the language of nmeros' '. It can receive a plurality of meanings, contexts, interests and speeches she characterizes what it? of one she forms simple? as the face of the world contemporary. The efficient communication allows its users, an ample vision and significant of all the process with that it interacts this it makes of it, a primordial instrument for the growth and development, independent of the area, individual or sector of the society uses that it.

To understand what he is communication organizacional she is necessary to understand as if he gave its evolution in recent years. The traditional theoreticians of the administration well little emphasize the question of the communication in its works, to put, can themselves be taken off of history some important points to be observed in the evolution of the communication in the organizations. For this, valley to the penalty to observe and to associate the point of view of the following administrative theories. The Fordismo-taylorismo was the system based on the regimen of production tax for Henry Ford in its manufactures and ' ' scientific organization of trabalho' ' idea of Frederick W. Taylor. In what the organizacional communication makes reference, this system takes to the vertical communication (from top to bottom, that is, of the strategical one for the operational one) and autocratic, restricted the work orders (that is, the superior orders and the sobordinate obeys, without right the questionings). This system still today, is used in diverse organizations. The School of the Relations Human beings if gave as reaction the classic and scientific vision of the organizations.



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